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Ukraine Dating Agency

Ukraine Dating Agency

2 Big Mistakes That Men Make When Looking For That Wonderful Woman From Ukraine

Melitopol womanFirst  I make no apologies for this 1) as it is fact that it is you who is looking for a lady from Ukraine and as such want help and advice 2) I am writing this based on my own personal experience from a) living here since 2002 and being married to an Ukrainian lady 3)  By doing this,  the men who  I have meet  and the amount of emails I receive.

This is not meant to be criticism but constructive advice regarding why many are 'going wrong' in their search for that wonderful Ukrainian female.


You are looking for a wife from another Country with different mentality to yours and a different Culture.  How many have given a thought to how the average Ukrainian lady ‘thinks about love and romance for instance or are you assuming she thinks the same as all the females in your Country? You know she is different to the females in your Country because you are not looking for a wife from there but in Ukraine. So why do you assume that her thoughts etc. are as in your Country?

You are not thinking or caring about her Culture! Is not your own Culture important to you? I know there are many who are reading this  are proud to come from the Country that they are living in, proud of its history and proud of its Culture. So why do you think that the Ukrainian female is not proud of her Country and Culture?

Again too many expect their wives to integrate into his culture and lifestyle and often overlook her background. Too many think that more important issues need to be dealt with in a marriage, than learning about her past. This mindset can be the death of an otherwise great relationship

Ukraine Dating AgencyA woman’s culture – her country, her upbringing, her values – these are all a part of who she is. Her culture impacts her daily life as well as every aspect of her relationship. If you want a strong relationship, it is important to learn about her.

Your Ukrainian wife will integrate into your country. She will learn your language, your customs, your habits, and your lifestyle. She will call your country home; but she will not forget hers. She will want to talk about the places she misses, the current events affecting her homeland, and the history of the country she loves.

Your Ukrainian wife should be able to talk about these things with the man she married. She will be willing to do all she can to make your life happy. Why not go the extra mile to make her feel at home? Ukraine’s culture covers every aspect of your wife’s life. Knowing Ukraine is knowing your wife.

Too many living in small Towns are not doing any research  they are just sitting in front of their respective computers and seeing all those wonderful photos of attractive ladies in short skirts!  The male hormones 'kick in' and they are dreaming!  Well , dream on because it is not going to happen and here is why.

But first tell me why someone living in a City with a population of over one million would want to want to live in a small Town with less than 800 people living there?

I am constantly surprised how many can type in to Google 'Ukrainian Girls for Marriage' but they can not type in ' Dnipropetrovsk,  Nikolaev , Kherson or any other City in Ukraine and do some research regarding the size of the place , etc , etc!  They see the wonderful photo of the long legged Ukrainian girl in a short skirt , read her profile and see that she is that she is a secretary or an office manager , well what is she going to do in your small town? Where you live,  to do the weekly shop it may mean getting the car out! Now how many females in Ukraine drive a car 

And then you see on her profile that she likes 'nature' , yes all Ukrainians enjoy leaving the Towns and Cities for a day or two to get away from the pollution but that is different from actually  living in the Countryside.

And then we have the guys who send a photo of them holding a glass of beer! Talk about how to win the heart of a woman in a Country where alcohol abuse is rife among men! These ladies have seen it , their ex husbands, their fathers , etc

And then they get a photo from a guy who is interested in her,  he hopes to make a big impression and so he sends her a picture of him in a bar!

Bad photos taken on your computers camera will not impress her!  Short letters that only say ' I have seen your profile and would like to get to know you' , are not going to impress her! It is you who wants that wonderful Ukrainian female so why are you not 'thinking about' how you go about finding her!

Just thinking that by sending any old photo will be sufficient and because you have a foreign passport going to guarantee you a reply or success. You are in competition with others who are sending good photos and a witty, chatty letter. 

Sitting here in Ukraine and talking to the men who are looking for that Wonderful Ukrainian Lady and seeing the photos/letters some send , I am not surprised that many think finding her is difficult!


You have a wonderful passport  , a good steady income , a house and a car and you think that because of it is just a case of writing a few emails , jumping on a plane , meeting with her and all will be wonderful!  Think again because it is not like this!

I say it many times but things in Ukraine have ‘moved on. It is not as it was 15 years ago and you can no longer arrive ‘wave your foreign passport in the air and get mobbed’. But many think it is still possible!  Too many are also thinking that ‘to throw a few Dollars’ at the lady and she will come running, yes there are some young Ukrainian females that will do this, as there are in every Country. But the average Ukrainian female will tell you that the wealth of your soul is much more important than the wealth of your bank account..

Do not think of yourself as ‘the knight in shining amour saving the damsel in distress ‘  hear this fatalistic paradigm of Destiny when talking to women.  If it’s destined to happen, it will happen. They are waiting for their Love to arrive out of blue, unexpectedly — this would be the best, in their eyes!

Yes, they believe in 'love' and you sitting in front of your computer thinking it will be no problem because I can give her a better life,  believe me it will be a big problem in finding that special lady. 

Too many are wanting to believe what is being said by other agencies , the so called experts on everything Ukraine who last arrived to Ukraine 15 years ago or the fact that 'they know best'!  Now, I subscribe to the fact that everyone is entitled to think and have an opinion but if you believe that 1) you are going to marry a Ukrainian female more than 25 years younger than you or 2) you are going to marry a Ukrainian woman because of a promise of a 'better life' .............................forget it! You are only kidding yourself and in the process,  losing money!

Albert Einstein once said that the definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results' Well , I would go one step further and suggest that when looking for a Ukrainian wife , not even understanding or wanting to learn her Culture ‘and thinking that you can ‘buy’ your Ukrainian wife is even more insane!

Sitting here in Ukraine both talking to the men who are looking for that Wonderful Ukrainian Lady and seeing the photos/letters some send , I am not surprised that many think finding her is difficult!

There are 1000's of good Ukrainian ladies looking for someone like you , in fact every day I hear 'it is difficult to find a good man in Ukraine' and then every day my email in box is full of ' it is difficult to find a good lady in Ukraine ' or ' I am looking for a good woman ' . Now, why is it that these men and ladies can not find each other? 

Maybe it is a case of Ignorance as I have said above plus maybe you are looking in the wrong place and maybe it is arrogance as I have said above , you are only looking for that mythical long legged 25 year old in a short skirt who will be good on your arm and good for your ego! 

I make no excuses if some of you are offended , but it is you who is looking for that wonderful Ukrainian lady and if by calling a shovel a shovel and at the same time it makes you revisit what you are doing in trying to find that special lady from Ukraine and  taking some time thinking about 'how .what and where' you will find the process easier. 

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