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Kryvyi Rih or Kryvyy Rih (in Ukrainian) & Krivoi Rog or Krivoy Rog (in Russian) is the eighth largest city in Ukraine, situated in the Dnipropetrovs'ka Oblast and extends for130 km, considered to be the longest city in Europe

The city is an important part of Ukraine’s steel industry but it is also very green. There are 21 parks, 134 squares, 12 quays, 22 gardens that cover an a area of 16 thousand acres.

The first settlements were founded by Zaporozhye Cossacks in the 17th century. The first record refers to 1775 and it is considered the official date of Krivoy Rog foundation.

Almost all the documents on history of the town dated back to 1734-1761 burnt in 1941: the car with the documents was bombed near Nikopol. Academician Vasily Zuyev who visited this place in 1781, suggested that the name of the town could mean “crooked cape” after twisting river-bed of the Saksagan where it flows into the river Ingulets.

In 1881, iron ore began to be mined and the town grew economically as well as its population. In 1919, the town became a part of Ekaterinoslavskaya gubernia. During the Civil War, it was one of the centers of the anarchist movement headed by Nestor Makhno.

During the World War II, the city was occupied by German troops (1941-1944). After the war, Krivoy Rog was rebuilt partly by captive Germans and turned into an industrial center of the region.

Most people who visit the city have first made contact with someone over the Internet. The city has the normal offerings of monuments, statues from the Soviet era.

To get there you have 4 choices:-

1) Fly to Dnepropetrovsk and take take a mini-bus. These leave from Dnepropetrovsk every 30 minutes, from 7 am till 8 pm.

2) Fly to Dnepropetrovsk and take a taxi

3) Fly to Dnepropetrovsk and take a local train (not recommended)

4) You can fly to Kiev and take an over night train. Properly the best choice!

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