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Ukraine Dating Agency

As I have stated previously on this site, I am an Englishman living in Melitopol Southern Ukraine. I have lived here since 2002 after “taking” my money from the “private' pensions I had contributed into in the UK. 

I first arrived to Ukraine in 1993 after watching a program on television about Kiev and decided it would be worth a visit. It was worth coming and I had a good week , so much so that six months later I returned and meet someone from Mariupol who invited me to see Mariupol. Being a 'bit of an adventurer' I took him up on his invitation.

 Because of my two week stay in Mariupol , I began a business in Ukraine with the individual who had invited me to the City. After a very short time I had to have an office in Ukraine and it was only by chance that I discovered Melitopol and opened my office there.

 After many years of successful business in Ukraine ,  commuting between England and Ukraine and not forgetting the extensive traveling around the Country, I decided to take advantage of the UK laws regarding annuities.

 As I had already discovered Melitopol and liked the town, I made some calculations and discovered that I could live in Melitopol , stop business and just enjoy life. The choice was continue business or take my annuities and put my feet up.  This decision was made in about two seconds as I think many of you would also make this decision in the same time as myself.

So , I arrived to Melitopol and began to enjoy life, my time was my time, I was not controlled by time , business or anything. I  just enjoyed waking when I wanted and doing what I wanted. But occasionally I would meet someone who had traveled to meet an Ukrainian female and had experienced problems, be it 'she did not exist' . problems with language or problems with the living arrangements. All these individuals told me that I needed an Internet site to inform men such as you that there was an Englishman living in Ukraine who understood both your mentality and the Ukrainian mentality. 

For some years I resisted this idea but after meeting the last man who had obviously been a victim of a scammer and was having big problems, I decided to make the site and assist men such as you.

It is here that I will inform you that after six years living in Melitopol I met my wife but prior to this I was just 'having fun' being a single Englishman living in Ukraine. Also because of my annuities from the UK I do not need any 'income' from this 'project' as I live well and can support my family very well without 'your money'. Yes, it costs to keep the site on the Internet but if I can cover this cost and have a little extra to have a few beers every week, I am happy!

This is a service for the likes of you who are sitting far away from Ukraine and must rely on what you see on the Internet. As I have decided to make this my home, I am annoyed that the many have a bad name because of a few, this is another reason that I decided to make the site. I know that there are many, many good honest people in Ukraine and your problem is finding them.

While I concede that I am not the 'font of all knowledge' regarding Ukraine and in particular the wonderful Ukrainian female , I am in a very good position to assist individuals such as you as 1) I do have the same mentality as you 2)  I live in Ukraine and also know their mentality 3) I do have an Ukrainian wife,  

So If you are open to hearing the whole truth, or if you are wanting  help in some way, please feel free to  contact me. I am trying to educate men,  to help prevent them from being taken to the cleaners, and to help them succeed in their quest.

My Personal Telephone Number in Ukraine

+380 988 737 344

But please remember the time difference , the time in Melitopol is


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