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Ukraine Dating Agency

Ukraine Dating Agency

Why Place An Advertisement.

 There are some in the world that will say that placing an advert within Ukrainian newspapers is an old way of doing things and secondly, it does not work.

Our attitude is an advertisement can and does work!

The first difficulty regarding advertising within Ukraine that needs to be understood is the fact that there is a very large difference in how everything is done in Ukraine. So much so that what is considered to be the ‘norm’ regarding advertising within the many Countries is not as in Ukraine.

The second problem, is while an advertisement will be seen and read, to have a ‘local’ contact number is very beneficial.

However, the biggest hurdle to overcome is the language problem. While any female in Ukraine reading an advertisement may speak English, remember that 1) it may be a number of years since she has spoken English 2) she may ‘feel’ a little nervous about replying in English to any advertisement.

You will also find that many Ukrainian females do not have access to a computer at home, so on seeing your advertisement they will have to wait until the following morning, when they are in the office to send you a reply. However, life and work interferes and she does not send you that email!

By having a ‘local’ contact telephone number, any Ukrainian female is more likely to call in response to any advertisement. Also because all telephone conversations are conducted in the ‘local’ language, this overcomes the ‘fear of English’.

Understand and remember that most marriage agencies would like you to continually purchase membership(s) and have the ladies keep you  writing and constantly paying for (this) correspondence without ever having the intention to meet you!.

So in essence an advert placed is not only cost effective but also an easy way  of you meeting and finding that wonderful Ukrainian female