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Ukraine Dating Agency

Frequently Asked Questions


1) Why are your fees so low

 The answer to this is simple!  First,  as I have said for many years contributed into “private: pension funds in the UK. On reaching the wonderful age 'which thanks to English law' meant he could stop work and take an annuity from these pension funds,

 I had already discovered Melitopol in Ukraine and because 1) it is considerably cheaper than the UK 2) the climate is better than in the UK, I basically “took my money and ran”!

 Over the years I have met  men who had arrived to Ukraine and 99% of them had problems!  So to answer the question Ukraine Dating Agency is not as others or the normal agency that is operating in Ukraine.

 First, it was established as a “service” to help the many men who are looking for an Ukrainian partner!  I do not need the money to live on as many of the owners of other “agencies and I know what “my costs” are!

 Second , what you need to understand is that the vast majority of agencies in Ukraine do not have their own site! Some years ago some enterprising individuals understood this fact and so created sites that allowed the agencies in Ukraine to 'display; the ladies who where looking for someone such as you. Also in Ukraine it is very difficult to obtain any system that will allow the agency to collect payment for membership , etc. So the enterprising individuals created the site and collected the payments , the agencies displayed the ladies and received a percentage from what you paid sent via Western Union or a similar service.

 Third, I have based the costs on 'living in Ukraine' where and once again the cost of living in Ukraine is considerably cheaper than the UK. It is you that is comparing everything to 1) the cost of living in your own Country and more importantly 2) have listen to the propaganda and nonsense 'put out' by the many other agencies.

 All I am doing is creating a needed “service”, recouping my costs with a “bare” minimum for my time.

 Please remember  that I am an ordinary person living in Ukraine who knows the culture , people and the way of life.  Combine the fact that I have 'your mentality" and  living in Ukraine since 2002  this has to be a perfect combination  to assist you in finding your lady!

 As I say many times on this site , If you are open to hearing the whole truth, or if you are wanting help in some way, please feel free to contact us. We am trying to educate men, to help prevent them from being taken to the cleaners, and to help them succeed in their quest.

2)  I am not sure how everything works

Ok, you are looking for a wonderful woman from Ukraine , so you have 2 choices!

The first is to 'join a normal' Ukrainian Dating Agency and then continually pay for correspondence . The second option is to pay for an advertisement within Ukrainian newspapers which could cost less than 2 months membership to a a Ukrainian Dating Agency.

As I have already started  Ukraine Dating Agency also has a sister Internet site ( in Russian ) aimed at the ladies in Ukraine. On this site , we state that we understand that ladies do not want their information and photos on the Internet and as such do not do this. This results in Ukraine Dating Agency have a database of good, honest Ukrainian ladies who are seeking a good man to make a future with. As part of your 'membership' Ukraine Dating Agency will match you with ladies on our database.

You are not paying any extra for correspondence or Skype chats because you are contacting the ladies direct. So in essence you are saving money in your quest to find that wonderful lady from Ukraine.

3) Why the two different options for placing advertisements in Ukraine

The answer to this is ;- depending on your environment ( where you live etc) will enhance or decrease the prospects of you finding that wonderful female from Ukraine. For example living in a Town of less than 2000 people  and you are looking for a Ukrainian lady that lives in Kiev with a population of nearly 3 million will 'lead to problems' . You can read a more detailed explanation here 

4)  How do I place this advert in the newspapers?

Just send us your information and we will 1) translate it into Russian 2) place the advertisement  in the newspapers. 3) we will take all phone calls from anyone who responds to your advertisement 

 However please note - we will 'place' your advertisement in accordance with your wishes but understand that we have no control who will respond.  But all individuals who do respond will be 'checked' to ensure they are not scammers!

For more information regarding your advert please go here

5  I do not know any of the language, and some of the ladies no English. Do you recommend such a relationship?

The short answer is yes! OK Ukraine's predominantly Russian 'speaking' and if all is 'good' between you and her, to relocate she will have to learn English. But in the meantime and especially during your first meetings you will use a translator.

However, eventually things will become more intimate between you. Is the translator going to 'sit' in the corner of the hotel room and translate for you during you moments of intimacy? Also, you must take into consideration that you will meet her family and to be able to speak 'some' Russian, will go a long way to impress. I do talk about this here and the Language Barrier. We will always tell you that to be able to speak Russian will go a long way to convey your genuine interest in forming a lasting bond with her and for the small amount it costs for a Russian Language course, it will be money well invested.

6)  Translators

When you visit and meet the lady , I can arrange a translator at a minimum cost. By this what I mean is  over the years I have been both arriving to and living in Ukraine I have built up a network of good honest Ukrainians and in most Towns and Cities in Ukraine I know translators who have a good command of English and they are considerably less expensive than the 'normal' translators and interpreters.  

7)  I have meet a lady and want to travel to meet her, will you assist?

 You have a number of options which include assistance from us.  

8)  I have never been to  Ukraine and the thought scares me a little. 

Ukraine is as any other Country, just use common sense and you will be safe. But If you have any worries or concerns, please read this or contact us 

9 ) I am over 50 years old and want to meet with someone who is 20 years old! Is this realistic ? 

 First of all, yes it can happen but please ask your self this question- Why would an attractive 20 year old woman want to have a relationship with me!  Be realistic, do not fall in love with a picture! Are you making problems for yourself at a later date by having a relationship with somebody 30 years younger than you!

If you have any other questions , please contact me as I am only to happy to answer.