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How Safe Is It 

Travel To Ukraine?

One of the questions that has been asked many times over the past couple of years 'How safe is it to travel to Ukraine and/or Melitopol?'

Well, the answer to that is for you to decide! No it is not a 'cop out' and I am not refusing to answer the question.

Throughout the said troubles in Eastern Ukraine, I have remained and has no intentions of leaving!

Understand that the 'trouble in Ukraine' is in the East and centers around Donetsk . Now this may sound strange but it is true, Kiev is nearer to Poland than it is to Donetsk, OK, there is not much in it distance wise but this statement is true.

I am not being flippant or making light of the tragic events that have happened in many Countries during the past few years but 'how safe is it anywhere in the World?"

Life goes on normally here in Ukraine, you see people strolling  down the streets and walking around in the parks, cafes are full with people enjoying a beer, you will see many huge fancy weddings taking place and believe me you will not notice that the country you’re in has so many troubles.

The general advice given by many Consulates is you should take great care and remain vigilant throughout Ukraine. Avoid all demonstrations and take extra care in public gatherings. But in my opinion is this not 'good old fashion common sense?' I have travelled extensively throughout both the world and Ukraine always use my common sense and without any trouble!

Over the past two years, there have been visitors to Melitopol and other Towns /Cities in Ukraine from Europe, the UK and America.

All the visitors to Melitopol have expressed surprise just how quiet and peaceful Melitopol was while walking the streets and enjoying a few beers without any problems.

So once again the answer to the question 'How safe is it to travel to Ukraine and/or Melitopol?' is for you to decide but  how safe is anywhere?