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Over 50 and looking for that young Ukrainian lady

I  receive a great many emails etc from men over the age of 50 years old , all looking for that wonderful  25 year old,  long legged beauty from Ukraine. OK, if any of us are honest we all are looking and wanting a wonderful young Ukrainian female but will it happen?

So  primarily for the 'older guys' who are looking for these 'wonderful 25 year old Ukrainian girls'  I have produced some advice!


 Cash in the bank

Usually the man who can convince a woman 25 years his junior to marry him will be quite rich or, at the very least, extremely charismatic  Rich and famous is the best. Younger women are easily seduced by the lifestyle. But always remember that if you think that you are 'earning a good salary' and have a very good lifestyle' there will always be someone else that could offer her a better lifestyle with more cash in the bank! Question, do you really want or need to spend big money in traveling to Ukraine to 'win her' and then pay money to get her to your Country only to find that she has met this other with the bigger bank balance?

Passion for life

Men who join in matrimony with younger ladies usually have a burning passion for life and a personality larger than Eiffel Tower. Their excitement and enthusiasm are magnetic. Their zest for life is contagious. They light up the place wherever they go. Question, are you happy going to a disco or nightclub twice a week and every weekend 'white water rafting' or 'bungee jumping?

Iron-clad confidence

If you worry that your younger wife may leave you one day, she will. You need the confidence of the 80-year-old billionaire, who, being questioned about his marriage to an 18-year-old and pointed out that he would be 90 and she would be 28, answered: “Well, I can always divorce her and marry another 18-year-old

Professional excellence

Their confidence often comes from the place of professional excellence rather than money alone (money is the by-product of their certified brilliance). Men who marry younger women are experts in their fields.

Good physical shape

The biggest concern of younger women marrying older men is whether husbands will be able to keep up with them.  If you have a hard body and enjoy daily workouts, it definitely will be of assistance. Training in martial arts or boxing would make you very attractive in the eyes of a younger woman. Your energy has to be higher than hers; SHE should not be able to keep up with YOU.

Great erections and technique

Apparently, no one in the world uses Viagra, but the company keeps posting billion-dollar profits. If it’s working today, it doesn’t mean forever.


Cucumber coolness

Carrying yourself with the grace of a black panther and hypnotizing service personnel into full attention with just the turn of your head or a 2-second glance, that’s the type of coolness we are talking about. This means, you can get into any prestige club without standing in the queue for mere mortals, even though it’s your first visit to the city. They just know by the way you carry yourself that you belong. You never get angry and able to solve any problem in a calm and positive way  But do not forget that while you can be as cool as a cucumber to get into that prestige club there will always be someone who has a VIP 'box' at that club.

Enjoyable personality

Men who marry women 25 years younger are positive and fun to be with. They are not tyrants or complainers, they are active, strong, and flexible, they take feedback, seek advice and make adjustments, which helps them to achieve their goals. They are ambitious and goal oriented, and this is why they have managed to achieve so much in their lives. They have a light-hearted sense of humour and never take themselves too seriously.

While you may not take themselves to seriously she will in regards to what happens after you stop working! Can you continue the 'lifestyle' , what about the education for any children ( college and University does not come cheap ) and what about you 'playing ball ' with your son when you are 68 years old? And let us not forget the College or University graduation, all his friends parents will be there to see their children graduate and then along comes you at the age of 70 complete with your walking sticks'

Ok, the above has been written slightly'  tongue in cheek' and again I do respect other people's 'wants , needs , desires , etc' however I often wonder just how much has a 50 year man who contacts me about finding a 25 year old Ukrainian female has thought  about it!  Is this guy trying to recapture his youth?  I honestly do not know what the answer is to what this guy is thinking or trying to achieve but I do know that after spending big money in traveling to Ukraine to 'win her' and then paying money to get her to his Country it will not last long !

I am reminded of the many conversations I have had with men over the years and how many have said to me ' Just before my departure for Ukraine my adult son or daughter said to me , Dad enjoy yourself  , come back safe but come back with a mother for me and not a sister'

One final thought regarding the 'age difference and again I am not being  critical towards anyone but let's be honest. Age difference in couples affects their long-term prospects. Anything over 15 years is too large a gap. If you want to play, fine, but don’t lie to yourself. There are beautiful, intelligent, caring individuals who will make great partners, and with whom you can be happy over the long haul. Give yourself a chance.

I keep informing men about the 15 year age gap and it is not something I have 'just plucked out of the air' , I receive many emails etc from men plus I do talk to the ladies. The younger you are the smaller the age gap needs to be otherwise you will be 'heading' for problems. I am not saying all this is written in tablets of stone but it is you that informs me that you are looking for a Ukrainian wife. or are you just looking for something or someone to look good at your side?

I make no apologies if I have offended anyone,  I am trying to educate men,  to help prevent them from being taken to the cleaners, and to help them succeed in their quest.  

What many fail to realize is I have lived here in Ukraine since 2002 , married to a Ukrainian lady. 

Ukraine DAting AgencyI  also frequent a small city bar in Melitopol and sit outside at a table enjoying a cold beer  just watching all those lovely Ukrainian females walking in the street and many times I talk to these wonderful Ukrainian ladies, .

So If you are open to hearing the whole truth, or if you are wanting  help in some way, please feel free to  contact me. Once again I am trying to educate men,  to help prevent them from being taken to the cleaners, and to help them succeed in their quest.


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