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Ukraine dating agency

Ukraine Dating Agency

Ukraine Dating Agency

Pseudo dating refers to a process, where one party believes it is genuinely building a relationship, while in reality it is not the true intent of the other individual.

In recent years, pseudo dating mushroomed into a fully-fledged Internet industry. Dating sites advertise opportunities for building relationships but in reality sell clients purposefully fabricated content written by an individual on commission.

Shockingly, some enterprises are making hundreds of millions on trading dreams online. The size of the industry of paid correspondence (PPL or “pay per letter”) is estimated by insiders at over USD $200 million yearly.

How it works

Hundreds of thousands of men are duped into believing the Dating websites, selling paid correspondence under the guise of developing relationships.

The scheme dominates paid online advertising channels and continues to lure thousands of new potential victims daily.

The essence of the scheme is simple:

 The ‘Dating Agency’ charges men for communication: Chats, mails, and photo shares.

  The Dating Agency or “Mother Company’ pays commission to local agents, from which they pay the “brides” and writers.

  Local agents in Ukraine recruit 2 types of workers: 

(1) Pretty women to sign contracts as “brides” in search of a husband, for a one-time fee or share of future profits from her profile on a pseudo-dating online portal,

(2) Writers (chat operators) who communicate with men in English under the identity of the ‘bride”.

 As such, the money paid by a client is split between:

“The Mother” dating site,  usually cooperates with hundreds of local agents

Local agent, who employs multiple “brides” and writers

Writer (chat operator)

Pseudo bride, happy to meet with you 


Most paying clients have no idea who the real players are.

Ukrainian Dating Site

Attracts Male Clients.

Charges for Membership, Letters , Chats, etc

100% of what Male Client Pays.

Pays Commission To Agent Who Registers a Lady On the Site

Local Agent.

Registers And Controls Profiles Of Women

Receives 20-50% Of the Sites Earnings For Any  Ladies Profile

The Writer

Communicates Under The Identity Of Another Profile Registered On The Site 

Receives  20-75% Of Agents Commision From A Profile

Pseudo Bride

Provides Sexy Photos And Attends Meetings With Men

 Receives 10  - 15% Of Agents Earnings From Her Profile + Gifts

Ukrainian job ads

Even though dating Internet entities usually advertise Russian brides or dating Eastern European women, the operations of local agents are concentrated in Ukraine which has become the hub for such dating structures and their recruiters, which openly advertise through the largest online employment platforms such as or, often with blatant descriptions of what the job entails.

Current situation

Lately, a trend for employing mono-operators of profiles has gained notoriety. In other words, the person in the photos communicates under her own identity, while still being paid commissions for the amount of generated content (chats, messages, photos)

 PPL (Pay Per Letter) Dating Sites deny that a payment to “brides” is a part of their schemes, although they admit sharing commissions for the paid content with local recruiters.