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Romantic Russian Phrases

Here's  a list of Romantic Russian Phrases that Ukrainian and Russian Women want to hear. Without trying to use hype, here, it's important that you understand the power of language. These might just be a collection of sounds to you, with little or no meaning, but they carry the weight of the world for Ukrainian and Russian women. 

Use them carefully, and be sure of the effect you're intending. If you love her, go ahead and tell her. But if not, please don't play with her feelings. These are all powerful phrases. Have fun, but be nice! 

Ok, here they are: The  Romantic Russian Phrases that Ukrainian and Russian Women Want to Hear! 


1. My sweety. = Meelaya maya 

2. You're my sweet caress. = Laskovaya maya. 

3. My beloved. = Lubeemaya maya 

4. My little sunshine! = SOlnishko maiyoh! 

5. My dear! (Often said in reverse order: Dear my!) = Dorogaya maya! 

6. My angel. = Ahngel moi. (Also said in reverse order.) 

7. My little one. = Malishka maya. 

8. You're my little angel. = Ti moi angelochik. 

9. You are my destiny. = Ti maya sudba. 

10. You are so beautiful. = Ti takaya kraseevaya. 

11. You are very sweet. = Ti ochin meelaya. 

12. You are so wonderful. = Ti takaya chudyesnaya. 

13. You are so gentle. = Ti takaya nezhnaya. 

14. You are so kind. = Ti takaya dobraya. 

15. You are so funny. = Ti takaya smishnaya. 

16. You are my little smart one! [NOTE: Use this often!] Ti maya umnichka! 

17. You're just wonderful. = Ti prosto zamichatelnaya. 

18. You're so attentive. = Ti takaya vneematelnaya. 

19. You're my one and only. = Ti maya yihdeenstvinaya. 

20. You're my one of a kind. = Ti maya nee pufftoreemaya. 

21. You're my brightest little star. = Ti maya samaya yarkaya 


22. You're in my heart. = Ti v myom serdtseh. 

23. You're a hottie! = Ti krasaveetsa! 

24. You're my little kitty-cat. = Ti moi katyohnuk. 

25. You're my ideal. = Ti moi eedeeyal. 

26. I need you. [NOTE: Literally: You are needed to me.] = Ti nuzhna minyeh . 

27. That dress looks great on you! = Eto plateeyeh tebyeh ochin eedyoht! 

28. You look wonderful! = Ti vweeglideesh zamihchatelnuh! 

29. My sweety. [A different version.] = Sladkaya maya. 

30. There's no one prettier. [Literally: Prettier doesn't exist.] 

Kraseevyayeh nee bwihvaiyet. 

31. You dance great. = Ti otleechnuh tantsuesh. 

32. Great shoes! = Klassneeyeh tuuflee! 

33. You have a sweet face. = U tibya meelayuh leetsoh. 

34. You cook so tasty! = Ti tak fkusnuh gahtohveesh! 

35. You're my warm little sun! = Ti maiyoh tyohplaiyeh solnishkuh. 

36. Gosh are you pretty! [NOTE: Corny in English but common and fun 

in Russian!] Bozhe ti kraseevaiya. 

37. I love your perfume! = Ya lublu tvaiee dukhee! 

38. I love your eyes. = Ya lublu tvaiee glazah. 

39. I love your hair. = Ya lublu tvaiee voluhsee. 

40. I love your smile. = Ya lublu tvaiyu ulibku. 


41. Love knows no age boundaries. = Lubvee fsyeh vozrasti puhkornee. 

42. All I need is your love. = Fsyoh shto minyeh nuzhnuh, eto tvaiya tubohv. 

43. I think about you day and night. = Ya dumaiyu o tebe dnyom ee nochyu. 

44. I'm the happiest guy in the world. = Ya sami shastleevee chelovek na zimlyeh. 

45. What would I do without you? = Shto bwee ya delal byez tibyah? 

46. I want you. = Ya khachu tibya. 

47. I'm happy that you exist. [This seems strange in English, but is very 

effective in Russian, believe me.] Ya shastleev shto ti yayst. 

48. I adore you. = Ya ahbuhzhaiyu tibya. 

49. I'm prepared to do anything for you. = Gotov zdyelat fsyoh dlya tibya. 

50. I think about you every second. = Ya dumaiyu ah tibyeh kazhduyu sekundu. 

51. We're so good for each other. (Or: We go so well together.) = Mwee tak podkhodeem droog droogu. 

52. Last night was wonderful. = Noch fchera bwila zamichatelnai. 

53. It's so pleasant to me that your near me. = Minyeh tak preeyatnuh shto ti reeyahdum sah-mnoi. 

54. Do you like being with me? = Tibyeh kharahshoh sa-mnoi? 

55. I really value you. = Ya ochin tsenyu tibya. 

56. I had a dream about you. = Ti minyeh sneelus. 

57. I can't live without you. = Nee magu zheet byez tibya. 

58. I'm thinking about you. = Ya dumaiyu ah tibyeh. 

59. I'm doing really bad without you. = Minyeh tak plokhuh byez tibya. 

60. I really miss you. = Ya ochin skuchaiyu puh-tibyeh. 

61. I want to be with you every minute. = Khachu bweet staboi kahzhduyu meenutu. 

62. It's so easy being with you. = Staboi tak lickkoh. 

63. Say that you love me. = Skazhee shto ti lubeesh minya. 

64. I want for us to always be together. = Ya khachu shtobwee mwee fsegda bwili vmyaystyeh. 

65. I want you to be my wife. = Ya khachu shtobwee ti stala maiyay zhenoi. 

66. Will you marry me? = Ti vweedish za minya zamoosh? 

67. Let's get married! = Duhvai puhzhayneemsya! 


68. Let's get acquainted. = Duhvai poznakohmeemsya. 

69. Do you want anything to drink? = Khateetyeh shtoneeboot vweepeet? 

70. Do you want to dance? = Khochish tantsevat? 

71. I love your style. = Ya lublu tvoi steel. 

72. You have great taste. = U tibya kharohshee fkus! 

73. Let's dance! = Duhvai puhtantsuyem. 

74. I love your body. = Ya lublu tvaiyoh tyeluh. 

75. I love how you walk. = Ya lublu tvaiyu pakhodku. 

76. Let's get to know each other better. = Duhvai uznaiyem droog drooga luchsheh.

77. Let's go to a club. = Duhvai f klube. 

78. Let's go to a cafe. = Duhvai f kahfeh. 

79. Let's head out somewhere. = Duhvai ueedyom kuda-tuh. 

80. Let's pop over to my place for tea. = Zaidyom kuh-minyeh na chai. [Can be asked as a question, or a suggestion.] 

81. Let's pop over to my place for a cocktail. = Zaidyom kuh-minyeh na koktail. 

82. I want to be alone with you. = Khachu puhbweet staboi na yihdeenyeh. 

83. Can I give you a ride home? = Tibya podviztee domoi? 

84. Thanks for a pleasant evening. = Spasibuh za preeyatnee vyaycher. 

85. I fell in love with you on first sight. = Ya puhlubeel tibya spervuhvuh vzglyaduh. 


86. Sweet dreams. = Preeyatneekh snohv. 

87. I kiss you. [NOTE: Said at the end of a phone conversation.] = Tseluyu. 

88. I'm happy to see you. = Ya rad tibya veedit. 

89. See you soon! = Skoruh uveedimsya! 

90. I can't wait to see you! = Zhdu nee duhzhduus tibya uveedit! 

91. I love your voice. = Ya lublu tvoi golus. 

92. How'd your day go, dear? = Kak prushohl dyayn, lubeemaya? 

93. How do you feel, dear? = Dorogaya, kak ti sibya chustvuyish? 

94. I love your photo. = Ya lublu tvaiyoh foto. 

95. Dear, this is for you. = Lubeemaya, etuh tibyeh. 

96. Do you need my help? = Tibyeh nuzhna maiya pomosht? 

97. Happy Woman's Day! = Puzdrahvlyaiyu zhenskeem prazdneekom! 

98. Dear, Happy Valentine's Day! = Lubimaya, s-dnyom svihtovuh Valentina! 

99. I want to see you! = Ya khachu tibya uveedi

100. Until our next meeting, dear. [A typical closing on the telephone.] = Duh fstraychee lubeemaya. 

101. I love you. = Ya tibya lublu. --OR-- Ya lublu tibya. 

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