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Ukraine Dating Agency

Russian language for lovers

Ok, so you are looking to meet and marry a woman from Ukraine.

The first question you will ask me is 'if eventually she will relocate to my Country she will have to speak the language spoken there! Yes, you have a point but think of the before this!

First, I have lost count of the men who have spent big money on plane tickets , hotels / apartments coming to Ukraine to meet with the ladies. When the arrive and meet the Wonderful Ukrainian woman they have to use an Interpreter at 15$ an hour. 

Even after 3 or 4 meetings with the same Ukrainian woman  and all is going well ,  a minimum of 15$ an hour! Does it not make sense to invest a few dollars , I will expand more on this later!

The second question you will ask is ' I am looking for an Ukrainian woman who speaks English'. Well yes but as an Englishman living here , I get told many times 'I speak English' but in reality it is not  a very good level of English.

You also have the problem of not knowing what the conversation is between the Lady you are meeting and the translator! You hope that the translator is on your side during the meeting but and what about the 'small private 4 or 5 words between the lady and the interpreter? 

Later at some point you will meet her family, yes a  daunting 'task', you alone surrounded by her family! all speaking a word you can not understand! Believe me it will go a long way to 'impress' the future in laws' if you can speak a little to them in their own language! The other alternative is taking the interpreter , but yes more money!

But, and  this is an important point! At some point during your meetings you will become intimate! Yes, she will come to your hotel or apartment for the night! What are you going to do! Pay the interpreter to sit in the corner of the room and translate your 'words of passion'!

Make it easy for yourself 

Believe me it will be money well spent !

The Russian Course for Men is designed specifically for anyone who is currently in a relationship with (or currently dating) an Ukrainian or  Russian woman, or anyone who wants to. It is for those of you who want to improve your ability to communicate with Ukrainian or Russian  women, so that you can enjoy more of the fun, enjoyable times, and less of the confusing, stressful ones.

Russian for lovers