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real ladies from Melitopol

Ukraine Dating Agency

The Sensible And Superior Way To Find That Wonderful Ukrainian Female

'Am I ‘reinventing the wheel’ when it comes to you finding that wonderful lady from Ukraine?  The answer is no! However as stated on this site, I have lived in Ukraine since 2002, married to a Ukrainian lady and know the mentality of the Ukrainians.

I also inform you that I started this after meeting many who had traveled to Ukraine in the hope of meeting that wonderful Ukrainian female all had experienced problems and every one of them told me II needed an Internet site to inform and to assist the men such as you, who are looking for that lady from Ukraine.

Initially, I resisted the idea but eventually after meeting one individual who had been a victim of (yet again another) scam and was having big problems , I decided to 1) spend time researching the Ukrainian dating agencies 2) make an Internet site.

Originally Ukraine Dating Agency followed the same format as many ‘Ukrainian dating sites’ with images of Ukrainian females complete with their information.  Ukraine Dating Agency was always intended as a means to help and assist the genuine and serious individual who was looking for his partner from Ukraine.

However over the years, I was receiving many emails from the not so genuine and serious individuals who were looking for his future wife from Ukraine and this was taking up more and more of my time in corresponding with them and talking with these individuals on Skype.

Once again, I have lived here since 2002, married to a Ukrainian lady and know the mentality of the Ukrainians. But too many are listening and believing the propaganda being delivered by many dating agencies in Ukraine.

I speak about ‘Ukrainian Dating Agencies -Real woman or not’ here and now there is an Internet site ‘looking for individuals to become Web models and start earning money’ It is in Russian but you can see it here ( Just copy and paste into a serach and then translate it in Google translator).

If you 'look around the site' it says ' Поскольку, американский менталитет отличается от русского, американские мужчины готовы раньше уходить с работы, тратить больше денег на вас, только лишь бы вы были его другом в любой момент, когда он этого захочет.' 

And translated into English it says 'Since the American mentality is different from Russian, American men are willing to leave work early to spend more money for you, only you were a friend of his at any time, when he wants it.'

And again many individuals who contact me are incline to believe this propaganda from many dating agencies in Ukraine and as such are 1) not listening to me when I speak reality and 2) that I am I am trying to educate men,  to help prevent them from being taken to the cleaners, and to help them succeed in their quest.

I concede that everyone earns their money and as such is entitled to spend it as they wish and I am not going to speak good or bad about any other dating agency.

But below is a screenshot  showing the cost of two agencies

And yet another screenshot showing the cost of corresponding with a lady in Ukraine via another dating site

It is or it should be obvious to many that as I live in Ukraine , I do talk with the wonderful ladies here. As such , as I keep telling individuals that there are 1000's of Real Ladies from Ukrainegood honest Ukrainian females seeking a man such as you. However these ladies do not want their information and photos on the Internet. They do not want their family , friends , neighbours and work colleagues to know what they are doing, as such Ukraine Dating Agency also has a sister Internet site ( in Russian ) aimed at the ladies in Ukraine. On this site , we state that we understand that ladies do not want their information and photos on the Internet and as such do not do this.

This results in Ukraine Dating Agency have a database of good, honest Ukrainian ladies who are seeking a good man to make a future with. As part of your 'membership' Ukraine Dating Agency will match you with ladies on our database.

So reinventing the wheel , again no I am not!  Ukraine Dating Agency was always intended for the genuine and serious individual who were looking for his future wife from Ukraine  .  What I am doing is creating a sensible and superior way to find that wonderful Ukrainian female and in the process saving you time , hassle and money. After all and believe me on this , there are 1000's of good honest women in Ukraine looking for a man such as you!