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ukraine dating scams

Are you looking for or dating  a Russian or a Ukrainian women?

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Signs of A Ukrainian Dating Scam

Six potential red flags in Ukrainian dating


The scenario is every man’s worst nightmare: “I was contacted by an amazing woman from Ukraine. She was beautiful and funny,  25 years younger than me. I just knew she was the one!

 It was love at first sight”. But the reality is something different…. 

 Unfortunately, it may be sometimes too good to be true. After investing (a lot of) time and money in what you think is your one true love, “your perfect Ukrainian lady Natalia” stops contacting you.

You can avoid making the same mistakes by recognizing these six red flags.

Red Flag #1: too big age difference

The first red flag is a very young woman from Ukraine contacting an older man from a Western country. As for me, and I keep telling clients , it is very strange if a 20 year old beauty from Ukraine contacts a man who is much older than her, a 20-25-30 year age difference is extremely big and may be the reason for problems and misunderstanding in a Western-Ukrainian relationship

But I have to mention that not every young Ukrainian woman who contacts an older man is a scammer. But and it is a big but, she should be viewed with caution.

Red Flag #2: weak anti-scam system on your Ukrainian dating site

Many newbies make this silly and costly mistake, namely: they begin to use the Ukrainian dating site without having made a detailed online research on its services. The fact is that many International online dating services have a serious problem with scamming. This is a huge red flag.

Some International online dating sites make it easier for scammers to take root and make them more difficult to find. Dating sites that allow multiple accounts from the same IP address make it easier for a scammer to set up many accounts.

Red Flag #3: falling in love – too fast, too furious

The next sign  is “falling in love” by the third letter. I am sure you know this story: two people from two different countries write back – forth for a few days before the man gets a message that the Ukrainian lady is falling hard for him, that she is in love and she wants to move to his home country to spend her life with him. Happy end of this online dating story? I do not think so! You do?

We all are adult people and may not believe such messages that the woman/man falls in love after a short online mail communication without meeting in person and at least hearing the voice of the woman or man.

Red Flag #4: you are my Mr. Right

In the same spirit, another red flag is,  if the Ukrainian female just knows that you are the man for her. You know that patience is one of the most important keys to a successful & happy Western-Ukrainian relationship.

Thus when you try to slow things down and see that the woman tells you she has this feeling that you are destined to be together, you must view this woman with a big caution. You may not believe if the woman from Ukraine tells you she just knows that you are going to grow old together.

Red Flag #5 exaggerated literary picture of your future together

Painting an attractive picture of where the future will lead is another common red flag. Do you not think it unusual that in her in her third message to you  she is saying   “we can grow old on the porch together” and “we’ll travel the world. I will show you all the sites” . Any normal genuine Ukraine lady will not do this.

Red Flag #6: nude or revealing photos

Sending revealing or nude photos  with every message is not normal behavior in the Ukrainian dating field.  Genuine women with serious intentions do not do something like this. Also her emails to you are full of 'sexual comments  regarding what will happen when you meet'. Again a normal Ukrainian woman would never do this.

I hope if you know these things, you will never send a Ukrainian dating scammer several thousand dollars or invest your costly time, your heart and your emotions in a relationship that doesn’t really exist.

ukraine dating agencyMany men are members of Ukrainian dating agencies and have found that the Ukrainian girls who they attempt to communicate with are actually scammers. The moment any girl who you meet online asks for money that is a red flag and 99.99% a indicator that she is a scammer. In many cases you will find these scammers actually appear with different names, but with the same photos, on several dating sites.

Their only goal is to swindle you out of your hard-earned money or to add your E-mail address to a scam, online gambling, porn or online pharmacy mailing list.
Their phone numbers are not in service or just not listed, and their e-mail addresses are from Ukrainian free E-mail providers that allow multiple free accounts.

The chances are that if you are writing to [email protected], you can assume that she has ten other E-mail addresses such as Olya_m, Lena_d, Ira_j etc. with all of the emails going to the same person who will then add you to some mailing list or another or send you a litany of sob stories.
It is also a fact that on the internet it is possible to buy pre-written letters ready to send to unsuspecting men. Yes , it is a well ‘oiled business machine’ buy some pre written letters in English , copy and paste then send off many emails too unsuspecting males.

Do not send one cent to anyone who you have not met in person; trust me no legitimate Ukrainian female will ask you for money or anything else before meeting you.

I live in Ukraine ,  and believe me no legitimate Ukrainian girl wants to be seen as a gold-digger or worse.

There are many genuine Ukrainian  women who are truly looking for love but there are also many on dating sites who only seek targets for scams, which makes it hard for the normal Ukrainian women who are honest in their pursuit of love.