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Ukraine Dating Agency

Ukraine Dating Agencies   Where Your Money Goes

 The average salary in Ukraine today is about US $200-300 a month, which has decreased over the past few years from about US $500-800 a month because of the problems in Ukraine.

You will find adverts offering work within a Ukrainian dating agency promising  an income of up to $3000/month however the stark reality is this income is only possible with the sending of gifts etc.  which you are paying for and she is receiving a percentage.

The normal rate for anyone working in a Ukrainian dating agency is for translating a letter $0.50-0.75 per letter and $2-3/hour for online chat.

For accompanying a girl to meetings with you during your visit a translator will receive is about $5/hour plus free meals.

 How dating sites’ earnings are divided:

 I have stated on this site  that  many years ago some enterprising individuals saw an opportunity and as such created a dating agency internet site where men pay for membership and correspondence , well these get the largest percentage from any money you are paying.

The local Ukrainian dating/marriage agency owner gets a commission from the site but only when someone corresponds, chats with, and send gifts to one of “his” girls.

The owner of the local agency pays to his staff: models (the girls in the photos) and translators (people who type letters and chats).

A finders fee: anyone can bring a girl-model, and earn percentage from her earnings for as long as she is with the agency. This provides an incentive for girls and translators to involve more people in the scheme, generating larger income for themselves.

Is there any real Ukrainian women seeking marriage to men such as you? The answer is a resounding Yes,

Only a real and direct contact can result in a real relationship and connection but I do subscribe to the fact that everyone earns their money and therefore entitled to spend it as the wish! But are you 'wasting your money' chasing that elusive wonderful Ukrainian female that does not exist?

 It is a common complaint from men that Ukrainian women they meet through Ukrainian dating sites will never show any intimacy, such as a kiss or holding hands when they come to meet her in person. Many even complain that when they come to visit a Ukrainian lady they are surprised that she, who was so open and affectionate in her correspondence, suddenly becomes prudish. The reason for this is simple; they are working for the agency and only going through the motions, thus increasing her income.