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Ukrainian Woman Prefer Men From What Country?

The first question is will a Ukrainian woman marry a foreigner?  With the second question being "Ukrainian Woman Prefer Men From What Country? "

Well the answer to the first question  as you know is a resounding yes. However during the past few years there has been a growth of 'Patriotism and Nationalism' in the population of Ukraine and it is not confined to the males. 

There has been many instances of men arriving to meet with Ukrainian females only to be told at the first meeting that 'she does not wish to live in another Country' . Now we find it strange that this was not found out during the correspondence stage of the relationship but maybe that is another story.

Despite the 'Patriotism and Nationalism' there  is an abundance of attractive , single females looking for someone such as you

First , understand Ukraine has one of the lowest male to female ratios in the world; there are only 86 men in Ukraine for every 100 women! Secondly , Ukraine has changed over the past 20 years and as such the male unemployment rate is very high and a Ukrainian female wants 'security' .  This does not mean a rich or wealthy man but a man who can put bread on the table and pay the household bills.

To answer the second question ' Ukrainian woman prefer men from what Country?" According to recent research, the ladies of Ukraine would like to meet a man from and move to the following Countries which are not in order of any preference Germany, USA, Canada,  Italy , Great Britain , Spain and France. This does not mean that a Ukrainian woman is not interested in you if you are not from one of these Countries ,it just means your chances are greater if you are from one of these Countries.