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Ukrainian Woman’s Attitude towards Sex

First a history lesson , it was said, “there is no sex in the USSR.” Nevertheless, the Soviet people were excellent at breeding. . The topic of love and sex in the USSR was a taboo subject. Having sex was fine, everyone was eager to perform, but talking about it was shameful.

It all began with Stalin criminalising sexuality for when he came to power he brought an Imperial Regime with him and one thing in particular he made the divorce process much more complicated. People had to put an advert in the newspaper ‘Evening Moscow’, which in turn bought shame if they wanted to divorce. Stalin also abolished the payment of maintenance (alimony) to the woman.

These and other laws made people a little more hesitant to enter into matrimony. That did not stop them from having sex though.

Lacking men after the war the Soviet Union encouraged couples to reproduce in an effort to re-establish the population. They did not worry about paternity tests, or whose name went on the father line of the birth certificates.

They did worry about disease though. Gonorrhea and syphilis were the biggest fears despite the fact that no one knew much about them. Men, after a wild night with unfamiliar women, would check their noses in the mirror the next morning. They knew syphilis would make their noses fall off but they did not realize this process takes time and could be cured with medical attention.

Despite all their worry, men still visited prostitutes and these women got as much sexual conversation as any lady which was’ none ‘. They did not even say their prices out loud. Some women wrote the prices on the bottoms of their shoes, and would sit on benches or curbs with their legs stretched out so clients could see their prices. Others would make rings to place on a finger out of either a three or five Ruble note. The value of the ring showed a prospective client how much he would have to pay.

 Ok, now the subject of a very large percentage of my emails. First , no one will deny that the subject of sex a relationship plays a major role. And I am sure harmony in sexual life is the (romantic) key to a happy relationship.

 Many men say that Ukrainian ladies are very shy, cannot or do not want to hug or kiss and it is really difficult sometimes to find out whether the woman likes you or not. 

 Also many men looking for a wonderful Ukrainian female do not know how they may express the topic of sex while dating Ukrainian ladies. Why is that?  I keep telling men to 'learn and understand ' the culture as it will save you a lot of heartache.

 While Ukrainian  women  have changed their roles over the last decade or so , unfortunately Ukraine has not changed much in their attitudes towards women. Women in Ukraine are often not respected or highly valued. They are viewed more as objects to be used by men and discarded at will.

 Most females in Ukraine are taught that sex is a dirty word and that nice girls don’t do it. Many traditional families believe that talking about sex is just as obscene as taking part in a sex act. Even in educational environments where the factual terms of anatomy should be taught, the lessons were often taught in hush-hush tones and this further clouded the subject of sex for most females.

 A few years ago I was asked to meet a group of students ( all aged about 20 )  during this meeting  , I spoke the word 'Sex'!  All the students shrunk deep into their chairs while the male lecturer collapsed against the wall. Yes, the word 'sex; is not spoken!

 Females are taught that they are to be bashful and quiet in all ways. In Literature, they are taught that they are to not even engage in a kiss without love being a priority. This makes the woman unable to explore her own sexual thoughts and attitudes to form a healthy sex life for her future husband. This causes more questions than answers and makes the subject of sex so taboo that females often form the wrong understanding of sex and these clouds how they respond to the marriage bed.

 Even into dating sex is a subject that is avoided at all costs. Those females who do engage in sexual intercourse before marriage try to keep it a secret for fear of rejection by society. Once married, young couples often live with their families. This puts even more strain on the female because she is under the scrutiny of family and is not able to truly express her sexual desire for her husband. Since there is no privacy, the woman is often kept quiet during the sexual act and not allowed to explore the true nature of her sexual desire.

 This subject and the different attitudes toward sex is major source of misunderstandings between Ukrainian women and men from other Countries. As I have already said Ukrainian culture is still fairly conservative in its attitudes toward physical intimacy, and the subject simply does not come up as early for the women of Ukraine as it does for the men of the United States, Canada, Western Europe, and other more sexually liberated countries.

 Many reading this will be aware of the Sexual Revolution , the Hippies and all of that in the 1960's and how it all changed society in your respective Countries.

 Well to put is simply, all that 'bypassed' Ukraine! This means that men dating Ukraine women sometimes accidentally offend their girlfriends by speaking very openly about sex early in a relationship.

 Although this seems natural to western men, it can be offensive to Ukrainian women, sometimes making them feel as though the men are suggesting they sleep around or have lots of casual sex. This suggestion is not acceptable for the women of Ukraine, since women who do have sex very casually are not respected in Ukrainian culture.

 To avoid offending their girlfriends, men dating Ukraine women should avoid speaking too explicitly about sex early in a relationship. It is especially offensive to ask women how many men she has slept with or expect her to share stories about previous boyfriends, because this can seem like an accusation.

 Although it can be frustrating for you men to wait so long to talk about something that seems very basic to them, it goes a long way toward making Ukrainian women feel comfortable and safe enough in a relationship to trust the men they are dating. When sex does come up, it is a great sign for the relationship, meaning that the man and woman are serious about each other and intimate enough to talk about such a personal matter.

 The problem, of course, is not that Ukrainian woman do not like sex or refuse ever to talk about it. It is simply a more private topic in Ukrainian culture. When a relationship does progress to a point that it is appropriate to talk about sex, Ukrainian women are happy and excited to do so. Waiting a while to bring up the subject will make sure that both people feel safe and comfortable with discussing a sensitive topic.

 So if you are trying to impress a Ukrainian woman, my advice is to avoid the subject of sex for some time. Talk to her about her job, her family, her musical tastes, her favourite books, her hobbies, her vacation plans, and other less personal topics. This will reassure her that you are interested her and respect her as a person. Once you have gotten to know each other and built trust, you can talk about sex effectively without causing offense.

And I keep saying that because of reluctance to even talk about sex , if you are receiving emails that read like the Kama Sutra, can say that they are scamming. She has no intentions of meeting you , let alone a relationship! She is just taking her commision from what you are paying to send and receive these emails. Save money 'log on to Amazon' and buy the Kama Sutra!

It is also worth 'noting' that because of the 'culture in Ukraine' it is not normal for a Ukrainian woman to show signs of affection in public.

By this I mean holding hands and the like , the things that you will take for normal and see every day in your home town. Those of you who have been to Ukraine may have noticed as you have walked the streets here , just how few couples actually walk together holding hands.

Now , I do not know the reasoning behind this and it could be one of many !) the fact that Ukraine is a Country where men are men and as such the males in Ukraine do not consider it masculine to 'hold hands' with a female 2) It could be the fact that it is 'throw back' from the Soviet days when everyone was 'encouraged' to act correctly and the perception of the promiscuity in the 'west' was frowned upon .

Either way do not expect 'great signs' of affection from your Ukrainian lady in public as this affection will be keep in check but fully shown in private!

On a personal level and to illustrate this point ,after 6 months of seeing my wife on a very regular basis whenever we 'parted' company and said 'Goodnight' , it was just a 'peck on the cheek' and this was at 2300 after a good evening. The reason for only a 'peck on the cheek' was, it was in public , be it that it was dark and the only person apart from us in the street was the taxi driver!

As already said a 'throw back' from the Soviet days when everyone was 'encouraged' to act correctly and the perception of the promiscuity in the 'west' was frowned upon, even in bars and cafes you will see a couple sitting and there would be very little , if not any form of 'physical contact' between them! Not even the occasional 'touching or a slight caress of the males hand by the female

Now on saying all of this what you need to take into consideration is 1) there are only 86 men in Ukraine for every 100 women 2) among Ukrainian men there is a very high rate of infidelity. All this means that the average Ukrainian female is 'looking' for a good man and when she is sure about your intentions toward her and she decides that you 'are her man' she will be a wonderful lover in private! She will not want to lose you!

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