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Why Ukrainian women are looking for a partner abroad

That is based on my experience of living in Ukraine and having good first hand knowledge about Ukrainian society. The first thing that needs to be said is not all unmarried Ukrainian women are looking for a husband from another country and/or wants to relocate.

The economic problems in Ukraine would be a profound reason for marrying a foreigner. Ukrainians now are experiencing economic difficulties and the life standard of the average citizens is quite low Private apartments are unbelievably expensive compared to a family's income and not many afford to buy. the current economic situation makes a woman seek stability, better economical conditions for her future family and children, she needs some confidence in the future and perspectives.

There is a concept among many men from abroad about the financial aspect of relationship with an Ukrainian woman and about her expectations. Especially when many write they do not want gold diggers. When a woman states in her profile that she "is looking for a financial security" this means it's very important for her to know that her future husband has a stable secure job and can provide for the family and for everything necessary for life. She wants to be with a responsible man and in a safe and secure place to raise children.

Unfortunately in Ukraine while the law does protect a woman when she gets a divorce, she is usually granted some of her ex-husband's income for their children. But the fact is not many ex-husbands care about their children; the figures in the financial documents are faked or the fathers will simple disappear. Custody of any children is seldom discussed and a child almost always remains with the mother.

Another even more important factor in favour of seeking a foreign husband is demographical situation. Statistic rates give different figures, but in general the percentage of men and women in Ukraine it is 44 to 55. In some areas the figures are even more pessimistic with the ratio of men to women is one to 3.

It is easier to use the Internet to get in touch with a foreigner interested in relationship then a fellow country man. It is not a usual thing to meet through a local marriage agencies and an average Ukrainian man is very cautions about a woman's intentions to get married, marriage scares men off here. Men want a “woman' for cooking, cleaning and to “look after them” but view marriage as a financial liability! When a woman applies to a dating agency, especially an international one, she is wanting attention from men that are interested in CREATING A FAMILY and long term relationship and they clearly declare this.

Traditionally Ukraine is a patriarchal country, with distinct gender roles both for men and women. It is changing now, but still the background and family upbringing play a considerable role. In 90 cases out of 100 even a very successful woman of substance will sacrifice her career and personal interests for the sake of family and children. Even though young ladies are quite independent now and very career oriented, especially in big cities, family and having children remains the main life mission of a woman as she has been taught by her mother. The majority of families are traditional and a girl from the early age is taught that the she will be responsible for keeping peace and comfort in her family and has to learn patience and respect her husband.

There is not a Ukrainian woman that is happy being single or divorced,The public pressure is still quite tough! Consciously or not a Ukrainian woman looks and aims at marriage and family.

There are many reasons why an Ukrainian woman is looking for a western husband compared to an Ukrainian husband.

1. Western men help more about the house and generally do not insist the woman do all the household duties and cares about the child. They are more used to it and take day to day responsibilities matter-of-factly. On the contrary the majority of Ukrainian men think household duties are what a woman has to do even though she has a full time job.

2. Western men show more respect and appreciation to women; they care and court more and value women's opinions and decisions.

3. Western men in general drink and smoke less. This can be explained by the years of state policy again smoking and limitation of drinking in public places, but the result is what matters. Many Ukrainian men drink and this turns a family life into hell.

4. Western men care about family and children, invest more time and efforts into the children's upbringing and do it more willingly

One should also take into account the fact that many Ukrainian women looking for a western partner have never been abroad and never lived in a foreign countries and they may idealize life there and a potential foreign husband. The romantic search of something new and imagining a Prince Charming speaking a foreign language may affect a woman's decision to take this endeavour. 

To sum it up we should say that there may be a combination of different reasons why Ukrainian woman are looking for western partners, but the main one still remains searching for love, understanding, happy relationship.