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Ukrainian Women  Fact, Fiction or Myth?


Men come to Ukraine with the hope of finding the true love they couldn’t find at home. Are Ukrainian women all they’re cracked up to be?

Compared to women from many countries, Ukrainian women have a number of things going for them that contribute to their appeal, however there is the question 'Ukrainian woman , fact , fiction or myth! What is reality about these females?

First, the art of attracting a male is more developed in Ukrainian culture, and flirtatious behavior by a female is generally viewed positively.

Truth about Ukraine womanWithin Ukrainian it is also generally frowned upon for a woman (especially of a young female) to become obese, not take care of herself or have a what they consider to be of bad appearance especially on the street when out and about.
Ukraine lacks the gender role confusion and paranoia about sexual harassment that has become characteristic of some countries and as such being sexy is viewed positively.

Ukrainian women probably identify less with their careers and usually do not feel an imperative need to be independent from men. On average they are more comfortable with the typical female role as it was in Europe and the UK fifty years ago

Ukrainian women can be irresistible. They tend to have lower expectations, more domestic, feminine and attentive to their appearance compared to their ‘counterparts’ in many Countries

Typical myths about Ukrainian women

1. They live in poverty. Yes, their wages are lower if you consider an equivalent in your currency. However, prices in their country are also substantially lower. Can you spend a week on the sea for 200 UK Pounds? They can. Can you buy an apartment for 15,000 UK Pounds? They can. many Ukrainian women own their homes outright, with no mortgage. Actually, there are many westerners who relocate to Ukraine because their money goes such a long way there.

2. They want to marry wealthy foreigners. Women from all Countries prefer wealthy gentlemen to poor guys, this is fact Single girls of any nationality want to meet a decent and stable guy when thinking about settling down. Ukrainian girls are not any different, the vast majority of Ukrainian females are only looking for stability, food on the table and the bills paid There is no national factor here.

3. Girls from Ukraine are gold-diggers. Look at the plethora of Sugar Daddy websites and see which countries the female users come from. Are they Ukrainians? The answer is No!

Yes, each nation has its share of gold-digging females. But these types are easy to identify for anyone with a bit of experience in dating.

The average Ukrainian female prefers men of their own age or slightly older (5-10 years). All you need is to have a stable job and don't abuse alcohol. If you in addition to these major positive traits plus the desire to settle down marry and enjoy family life you will have their undivided attention and love.

4. Ukrainian women have no career aspirations. In Ukraine there are not many career prospects because of the economic crisis .The average has halved with businesses closing. A Ukrainian female may have a degree as a teacher or even a medical doctor, but work as a cashier in a supermarket but this is out of necessity and not because the lack ambition.

What chances do you have with a Ukrainian Women?

To be totally honest, if you’re a western male of European descent coming from a developed country immediately places you a rung or two higher in status compared to Ukraine-born males. It is well known that Ukrainian females are very family orientated and after marriage and relocation this will still be applicable to any family remaining in Ukraine. So much so that any male looking for that wonderful Ukrainian female living in Europe and the UK will again rise up a few more ‘rungs’ in status and popularity .

I am not saying that males from further afield will not find that wonderful Ukrainian female but it is a fact that ‘distance’ is a factor when it comes to a Ukrainian woman choosing her man and future husband.

There are plenty of misconceptions about Ukrainian females online. I often read the posts and answers and consider they are written by people who have never been to Ukraine or even dated a Ukrainian lady and it could be said that this is where many Ukrainian women fact, fiction or myth stories originated

For some reasons these people think they are qualified because they know someone who knew someone who knew someone who talked to or dated a Ukrainian female 15 years ago.

Consider facts not fiction and the realities of today and not as it was 15 to 20 years ago when it comes to looking for that wonderful Ukrainian lady. Judge for yourself Ukrainian women fact, fiction or myth

It is also worth considering Ukraine has one of the lowest male to female ratios in the world; there are only 86 men in Ukraine for every 100 women. So getting a lifetime partner is an issue for the average Ukrainian lady which in turn increases your chances considerably .