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Ukraine Dating Agency

USA Law on Dating Agencies


 This law is a little confusing as  only applies when you meet a lady's face to face in our offices. At this meeting YOU and the LADY can exchange information, however we can not see anything regarding 1) not meeting her 'outside' of our office ( or example in a restaurant ) or 2) this became law 6 March 2006 when it was normal to 'join' a dating agency , correspond with a lady and then travel to meet her. Ukraine Dating Agency can not see anything within this law that excludes placing an independent  advertisement which will allow you to correspond with some Ukrainian ladies. 

However it has been decided that discretion is best applied and as such Ukraine Dating Agency will adhere to the Dating Laws of the USA.

 WE WILL HOLD ALL INFORMATION IN COMPLETE CONFIDENTIALITY. Before meeting a lady(s) you do not need to give out TOO MUCH personal information. It is not wise to think any man would want to give out his personal information before meeting ANY lady. This disclosure of your personal information is a basis for identity theft or worse. We strongly discourage any information to be supplied to anyone without a first meeting them. We will allow the lady to look at your information prior the meeting. If you wish to continue the relationship, you then can exchange paperwork.

 There are many questions regarding the recently passed USA law about international dating agencies (International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005), which was signed passed by Congress on 5th January 2006.

 Both USA clients and non-US clients are asking questions about how it will affect the way we conduct business at our company.

 This information is for your your worries or concerns, so you understand our position in regard to this  US law.

 Ukraine Dating Agency WILL comply with this US law in its entirety (no exceptions).

 This is a valid law which has been voted by the majority of votes in Congress and signed by the President of the United States.

 We comply with all applicable and relevant laws of all countries where we have clients and we will NEVER intentionally violate any law of any country.

 2nd, our compliance with the US law will NOT affect our clients from any other country.

 The site will modify its operation (prior to meeting the lady's face to face) in regard to our US clients ONLY. Clients from other countries than USA will not be affected.

 3rdUkraine Dating Agency will make our compliance with the law as smooth as possible, both for our USA clients and the ladies.

 The most debated issue of this law was the personal disclosure of a man, which was supposed to be signed by the lady before any personal contact between a man and a woman could occur. Personal contact information is full name, address, telephone numbers, email addresses, etc. This does not require any compliance until you meet , FACE to FACE, in our local offices.

 4th, If you as a USA client meet someone through an agency that doesn't comply with this new law, it can make your visa application INVALID OR IMPOSSIBLE  to obtain.

 I have discussed this law with an immigration lawyer, and he furnished us with facts on its provisions to comply.

 According to the law, EVERY foreign fiance/fiancee will have to answer during the visa interview the question whether or not he/she met their USA boyfriend/girlfriend via a dating agency, and if yes, then they will have to disclose what dating agency it was and whether the agency was complying with the new law. The immigration inspectors may require copies of the signed forms.

 Those questions will be MANDATORY for all fiancee visa and spouse visa interviews for an entry visa to the USA.

 f the dating agency was not complying with the new law, your visa petition may be considered invalid as the rights of the foreign fiance/fiancee were violated, This may lead to additional legal problems for the US citizen.

If you meet a lady, through a dating agency that was not complying with the new law, you may NOT be able to bring her to the USA.

 You and Ukraine Dating Agency will need to complete the 4 (FOUR) following items, prior to meeting any of our lady's, It will be valid for use on one lady or many lady's for 30 days from when it is signed.

 1Ukraine Dating Agency need to run a "Sex offender" report on you , this must be forwarded to the lady. A Copy will be kept in our local office on file.

 2 Ukraine Dating Agency will need a questionnaire filled out by you in regards to, previous marriages and deposition of them(if more than one),if you are currently married, Children under the age of 18, Criminal arrests or convictions, Drug or Alcohol arrests, Restraining orders, Prostitution or human smuggling arrests, the states you have lived in. This information must be supplied for the past 20 years. A copy of your scanned and signed form will be kept on file in our local office.

 Ukraine Dating Agency will have the lady sign a form stating she wishes to share her contact information at the time of your meeting. An Original Copy will be kept in our local office on file.

 4 Ukraine Dating Agency must supply her a pamphlet to her explaining her rights under US law. The form will be translated to the native language of the lady.