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What makes foreigners attractive to Ukrainian Ladies?

Ukraine Dating AgencyThe common notion to believe that Ukrainian ladies only marry men from other countries to immigrate is totally wrong. If this was true, you would not need to make several trips to Ukraine trying to find a bride because Ukrainian ladies would take anyone and marry him on the spot. But this it’s not so.

The truth is, living in a better country does make western men more attractive to Ukrainian ladies, but it is only because foreign men have the traits that Ukrainian women value in their partners: fidelity, ability to provide for a family, a respectful attitude towards

Most western men don’t cheat on their wives while most Ukrainian men cheat on their wives. It is a fact that it is very extraordinary if      a husband never cheated on his wife but equally it is very difficult to find a married Ukrainian woman who has been unfaithful to her husband.

Most men in Ukraine abuse alcohol, which is one of primary causes of early deaths in males. While it’s a problem in other countries as well, the scale of it differs dramatically.

 Although people in Eastern European countries have all the modern gadgets, computers, mobile phones, unlimited Internet etc., most of them live in small apartments and use public transportation to get to work. The recent economic crisis the Ukrainian hryvnia lost half of its value, only made the situation worse, with price hikes in all sectors, and family incomes remaining the same.

And this where you need to be careful as it is possible a single woman’s looking to find a “worthy” husband, someone on a  yearly income of $30,000 looks like a prince on a white horse.

But in general to answer the question ‘What makes foreigners attractive to Ukrainian Ladies?’

 They can provide stability for a future family, which most Ukrainian men cannot.

They are less aggressive and more polite in general.

They do not think she is too old if she is 25-30, and doesn’t see her children as a problem.

They do not abuse alcohol.