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These rules of writing a letter to a woman you are attracted to on the Internet are not set in stone but by following them you will avoid embarrassment and disappointment

1) Read the womans information. This information is there for a reason, you will be wasting your time as well as the lady's by responding to a woman whom you know you will not be compatible with.

2) Do not place too much emphasis on the woman's photo: Remember a) this is just one amateur snapshot that she sent in to us. Take out your driver's license and look at your photo; is that really representative of how you look today? The point is that the woman in the photo may look quite different in real life, so don't be too easily discouraged from writing to some of the women whose photos may not look perfect.b) Expessally on other 'sites' that many submit photos of glamours woman taken from the Internet and in reallity look nothing like the photo and in some cases could even be men trying to “scam you”! Be realistic and do not fall in love with a photograph

Finally you have found a womans profile on Ukraine Dating Agency so the next step will be to let her know about your interest in her. It is normal for man to feel a bit nervous when writing the first letter to woman he has never seen in real life The main objective of your first letter is to make the woman interested in you. This is why you need to know what that women wants to see in a first letter and what things will make this woman interested in communicating with you. Please remember these are only tips but maybe they will help you.

Individualise The first tip you should follow when writing your first letter to a women is very simple. You start the letter by using her real name (if possible) or her "nick-name" . Even if you send a “template first letter” to a few women to save time but your response rate will be much lower than you expect if you do not use a real name or "nick-name". Each woman respects the fact that you start your greeting contains her name. The woman will start to think that she is the only one who holds your attention, or at least you have spent time to read her profile. Take note though that you shouldn’t use sweet phrases or endearments such as “sweetie” or “dear” in your first letter, So that a woman begins to believe that you like her and that the two of you are indeed alike, you’ll have to speak to her on a personal level. A good way is to treat her as she is only woman in the room, so to speak. Also avoid the possibility of confusing them by staying away from any use of idioms, slang or colloquial references.

You can also give her a compliment—but watch out for going overboard here. There’s a fine line between simple admiration and begging for her approval. And as with most women, erring on the side of caution is a good idea and will go a long way in building up some intrigue about you in her mind.

Introduce yourself Another important role in a process of writing the first letter is your introduction. Your first letter to a woman should compel that woman to reply with her questions to you. Tell her about your life, your goals, your job, your friends, how many people are in your family, what things elevate your soul. Tell them what an average day is like for you. While you're at it, ask them a lot of questions, too, starting with what a day in their life is like for them. If you know what their occupation is, ask them to tell you all about it. Do what you can to be polite and respectful in your letter.

Asking her about a negative topic you may have heard about their country could offend them. It's best to stick only to positives until you know the person better. Be as honest about yourself as you can and speak from the heart, but stop short of revealing your past relationships or any skeletons in your closet at this point. The people you'll be introducing yourself to will, with few exceptions, be very serious about marriage and finding a good partner. A "playboy" is not what they are looking for or expect. Take care not to mislead them or make any promises you are not likely to keep.

Make the women ask for the details, Don’t tell all your whole life story in one letter. Let the woman ask certain questions and reply to them letter by letter. In the first letters women usually wants to know the main things about your personality: hobbies, career, interests, etc. These details are important because they want to know if you are compatible with her and many would even want to know your zodiac sign to determine your personality.

Show Your Strengths If you still thinking that your first letter is too short to be sent so the next step could be attempt to write what you can offer to her and why she should be interested in you. But do not go 'over the top' and describe your 15 room mansion and your BIG salary!. Women would be more interested in you if they will see that you are stable ,you are successful in your job and are down to earth but can offer them the financial stability they long for in a relationship.

Ask Questions The last part of the first letter is your questions to her. You never know what will be her reaction to any questions but ask something that you would like to know about her but ensure that you ask the question in a way that would not make her feel offended or embarrassed to answer. Your question can be as simple as, “I see that you said you’re into yoga. I’ve always thought that looked fun. How long have you been doing that?"

And finally, one of the most important online dating secrets is crafting a good subject line. If the subject line isn’t intriguing, she probably won’t even open your email—which would be a waste of the time you spent writing the actual email

And so in conclusion The process of corresponding and letter writing is not so easy as many people think. You should use psychological tricks, know how to sell your advantages and hide the bad sides of your character, as well as telling about them when the time arrives. But if you stay honest with her and will respect her interests everything should be fine. Having different likes can make you more interesting to each other, and finding a carbon copy of yourself is probably not what you're looking for.

Unless you've led the sort of life where you're used to hitting the jackpot in anything you do, you'll be better off not limiting yourself to writing only one or two people. The more people you write to, the greater are your chances of finding the right person. Putting all your eggs into one basket is even more futile if you end up traveling all the way to a faraway country to visit just one person only to find out that you're completely wrong for each other.

Writing to more people will give you a chance to narrow down your choices in the months prior to a trip. Then when the travel day comes, you can have in your hand a list with your 5 or 10 most-preferred people to visit. You may find that the "long-shot" one on the bottom of your list turns out to be the one who's most suited to you.

Write those letters and be happy! And rember the 2 rules of thumb when it comes to writing to a woman -

1) People like people who are like themselves.

2) People like people who like them.

Albert Einstein once said that the definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results'! When it comes to meeting women online,If you aren’t getting the results you’d like, stop doing the same wrong things over and over again, and take a look at some ideas you may not have considered before!


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