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Ukraine Dating Agency

Your First Meeting With A  Ukrainian Women


Dating Ukraine women is not as simple as you might think and arriving for your first meeting with a Ukrainian woman is not as it is in your Country! 

It’s a combination  of Ukrainian dating etiquette and the ‘predetermine concept' of what a man from ‘outside’ of Ukraine should be!

  So if you’re looking to date one of the beautiful Ukraine women, make sure you don’t commit any one of cardinal sins at your first meeting.

 Boring Conversation 

Politics, the economy and your job situation back home are not interesting. Religion falls under this category same heading and the Ukrainian female does not want a long debate about this subject on the first meeting. Another is medical or more to the point, medical procedures that you have undergone as one of my clients did. He embarked on a 15 minute dialogue regarding his visit to a hospital. It was a surprise to him when the lady did not want another meeting!  As an alternative, try asking questions and drawing the lady into the conversation. One thing that’s almost universal among men and women is that none of us likes to do all the listening.

No Flowers

Dating a Ukraine women involves certain courtship etiquette  and one of those simple expectations is flowers on the first meeting. Do not arrive with to your first meeting with a Ukrainian woman with your hands dangling by your sides and not holding flowers! This is a BIG NO-NO

And while we are on the subject of etiquette assume that the lady prefers gentlemanly behavior so pulling out her chair, allowing her to sit with grace won’t ruin your chances of a second meeting 


Shoddy Clothes

This is where the ‘predetermined concept of what a man from ‘out side’ of Ukraine should be’ comes into ‘play!  You can sit in any bar or café in Ukraine and see a woman looking absolutely gorgeous but the man she is with is wearing an old pair of jeans and a T-shirt.  Because you are not from Ukraine , the ladies expect more , they expect you to dress accordingly 

 Dress in good casual clothes or to give a very good impression wear a suit. I know from my experience here that because of this predetermine concept of an Englishman,  the suit always impressed!


Stinginess is (Not) Horny

If you’ve scrimped and saved enough to fly to Ukraine do not expect the lady to be happy with a Big Mac!.  Understand that not every woman wants to be wined and dined, but the first meeting is your chance to impress so it should classier than subsequent dates. 


“Ukraine is a cheap country with beautiful woman on dating sites”

That may be true too many sitting back home in front of their computer’s and a predetermine concept of Ukraine along with the cheapness of the Country. But when you are sitting in front of a Ukrainian lady who just happens to be both patriotic and looking for ‘the love of her life’, keep this as far from your mind as politics, the economy and your job situation back home. Yes , It’s easier to categorize a place and the people before you’ve encountered that place or those people, but that categorising should never apply to a woman you’re looking eye-to-eye with.


Always remember: if a Ukrainian woman wants to meet you, it’s likely because you’ve displayed some attractive traits. Maybe your humour or your good nature came across. Focus on maintaining and enhancing those qualities in her presence and you’re well on your way to a good first meeting.