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real girl Melitopol

Ukraine Dating Agency

Is Your Ukrainian Woman Real?


Real Ukrainian WomanYou have meet an Ukrainian woman? You are corresponding with an Ukrainian woman? Is the Ukrainian Woman real or do you have doubts? Is she really interested in you or your money ?

As part of my continuing effort and service to assist you? and after some requests , I have decided to offer my services in checking out the lady!

  know of Agencies who employ 'English' speakers specifically to 'trawl' the internet looking for men for their female clients! The ' worker' enters into correspondence with you, enticing you to 'part' with more and more money for the translation of your emails and in some cases will 'use' the scam mentioned above, dividing any proceeds  with the agency! It goes without saying that the genuine female clients that are registered with the agency are totally unaware what is happening!!!!!

I have said many times on this site, I live in Ukraine and like it here, I have meet many good people but because of a few Ukraine has a bad reputation!

So if you have meet an Ukrainian woman or are corresponding with an Ukrainian woman and want her 'checking' please contact me .

Look at the potential benefits by using this service apart from Your Peace of Mind

real woman melitopol1) How much money will you save on membership fees you are paying to the Agency?

2) How much money money will you save on translation costs?

3) How much money will you save on 'Letter fees' you are paying the agency?

4) Again! How much money is your own Peace of mind worth?

I have said on this site that I have meet men who have spent hundreds of $'s on traveling to Ukraine only to find the woman is non-existing                                                                               and in many cases does not turn up at the                                                                                     airport to meet with them!